Forms to add enquiries to a specific box without the need to login

Keep the enquiries flowing in even if your not logged in.

With EnquiryBox's Frontline Box Form, any team member can quickly add an enquiry wherever it comes in.

Whether it's a front of house member collect interest or a receptionist fielding calls, just fill out the simple form. No tedious logins required. Just fill in the relevant details and add it in. The enquiry goes straight to the right box and stage.

You can even setup an automated message to go out once the enquiry has been added!
Why put it in Box?
Some reasons you would organise enquiries into a Box
High value product or service - You deal with these enquiries in a different way and want to run specific automations and track progress through specific stages.
Post sale delivery or your service - Once an enquiry turns into a paying customer you want to put them through your new customer onboarding flow to deliver the best service possible.
"Department or person specific enquiries"- There maybe members of your team that only deal with specific types of enquiries or departments. Perfect, create a box for them and sling those enquiries in there!
Job Applications for HR - You guessed it, different process or team member dealing with it, create a box for it.
Review or Complaints - Put these in their own box to keep track of the good and bad and where you need to improve.

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