Park enquiries until you are ready to reply later

Ever get so swamped that some enquiries or replies just have to wait their turn?

Instead of letting them get lost or forwarding them to yourself again, park them in our handy Reply Later section.

Reply Later becomes your personal reply parking lot. Enquiries are safely moved there till you have bandwidth again. No more worrying a reply will slip down the list or get missed. They stay put in one place until you find the time to reply.
Reply Later
Reasons you may want to park it in Reply Later
A complex question comes in while you're in the middle of another task - flag it for later when you can devote more time.
A customer replies near the end of your work day - Park it so you can focus on their needs during regular hours with your full attention.
Multiple inquiries come in at once - deal with the easy ones now and park the more complex ones for later.
Enquiries that concern departments or products you're not the involved with - Park 'em until you know which box to move them to
A complaint requires an apology or sensitive response - park it until you've had space to craft the right reply.

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