A birds eye view of all the things you need to do

Never Lose Track of the things you need to do again!

Staying on top of your daily tasks, follow-ups, and customer enquiries is a challenge when they're scattered across different notes, lists, and communication channels.

That's where our handy Things To Do section comes in.

With Things To Do, you get a single dashboard to view and take action everything you need to do for the day in one spot. No more digging to find what's next on your plate.

You get peace of mind that nothing falls through the cracks. Important follow-ups, customer queries - we've got your back so they stay visible until complete.

Save time spent hunting down what's next while staying on top of it all!
Things To Do
Below is a list of what shows in your Things To Do section
New Enquiries - See new customer enquiries from across all your Boxes.
New Replies - View unread comment replies from contacts.
Reply Laters - Access pinned enquiries to follow up on later.
Due Today - Tasks due today appear here for easy access.
Overdue - Any overdue tasks are listed here for priority follow-up.

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