Chat with your team in one place, not all over the place

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Say Goodbye to CC Chaos and email tag!

Juggling endless email threads about the same enquiries gets tiring fast. Bouncing messages back and forth looking for the latest info breeds frustration.

Wouldn't it be nice if all your team's communications were organised in one place?

Introducing Team Chat on EnquiryBox - your antidote to "cc madness" and email tag. Whether asking a quick question, or catching someone up, keep conversation threads attached directly to the right enquiries. No more endless emails crowding inboxes.

Discussing deals, following up on calls, and collaborating is simplified right where it should be, where you are actually dealing with enquiries, in EnquiryBox!.

Your whole team stays perfectly synced without leaving EnquiryBox. See conversations unfold in real-time and jump in if you have something to add. Searchable transcripts let new hires catch up fast.

Team Chat finally pulls all your communications under the same organised roof.
Team Chat
Just a few benefit to having your communication in one place!
Stay Connected On-The-Go - With the EnquiryBox mobile app, Team Chat keeps conversations accessible wherever your team happens to be.
Saved Time and Effort - Eliminate wasted time searching emails or making extra calls for updates.
Single Source of Truth - All discussions live within the EnquiryBox for easy reference and accessibility.

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