Automated replies via WhatsApp, SMS, email or social channels

Stay Connected from Start to Sale

Keep new sales enquiries informed every step of the way with EnquiryBox's automatic messages.

When an enquiry comes in, prospects receive a friendly confirmation message thanking them for their interest. Details like booking links, brochures or other requested information help move things forward from the start.

As the enquiry progresses through your sales process, staged updates by email, SMS or messaging apps like WhatsApp, keep customers in the loop.

Automated messages provide timely status notifications at each point. Your team can focus on nurturing connections, with routine correspondence handled automatically in the background.

Templates help you stay consistent when customised by product or team. Schedule delivery times that work best for your contacts.

EnquiryBox keeps lines of communication open for a seamless buying experience from initial enquiry to close of sale. With each step of the process informed, prospects feel their enquiries are in reliable hands.

EnquiryBox makes it easy to stay connected from start to finish!
Automated replies
Here are 5 reasons to automate replies to new sales enquiries with EnquiryBox:
First Impressions Count - Be impressive! Send a friendly, prompt reply to make a great first impression and show prospects you care about their needs from the start.
Nurture Relationships Effortlessly - Keep communication lines open so potential customers feel informed and listened to as their interest develops over time.
Provide Timely Transparency - Staged updates maintain trust by keeping enquiries apprised of their progress through each sales stage.
Improve Response Rates - Engaged customers are more likely to reply and continue conversations when contacted regularly via their preferred channels.
Free up time- Automation handles routine correspondence, leaving your team to focus on meaningful interactions that boost conversion and sales.

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