Automations that will actually save you time

We've all been there - you sign up for a new tool to help you work smarter, but sometimes it feels like more of a headache than a help.

With all the "amazing" automations you're supposed to use, it can be hard to know what's actually useful. That's why we focused on creating automations for our tools that solve real problems you face every day.

Things like automatically replying to incoming messages when you're out of office, or routing enquiries to the right team member based on the topic. Under the hood, we've also got automations that will add tasks and notes to keep you on track with follow ups.

These are designed to work seamlessly in the background. No long implementations or rocket science degrees needed. Just simple tools that make your life a little bit easier.

Give them a try - We think you'll appreciate how well they fit into your existing workflow.
Our time saving automations
Below are the list of automations that are going save you time
When a new enquiry comes in from any channel, send an automated reply to them via SMS, Email, Facebook Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp.
Automatically assign the enquiry to the right person and put it in the right box so that they can follow up seamlessly.
Automate message to prospective customers based on the stage there in. Setup delay timer rules to make these messages feel more natural.
When an enquiry is moved to a specific stage in your workflow, automatically send messages, wait for a while and move it to another stage or box.
Setup tasks for yourself or the team to do something related an enquiry in a specific stage.

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