Simple drag and drop to manage enquiry stages

Simplify Every Step of the Sales with a visual board.

Coordinating enquiries through each sales stage can become complicated quickly.

EnquiryBox simplifies it with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality between custom stage columns. At a glance, visually track every lead's journey.

Columns like New Enquiries, In Review, Negotiating and Closed/Won clearly show each inquiry's real-time status.

Automate messages, emails, assigning to a team member or moving to another box with the move of an enquiry from one stage to another.

Your entire team can seamlessly work together with a shared view of progress. Everyone knows where every opportunity stands and who is assigned to each enquiry. This is particularly useful for businesses that job share or have multi-person sales teams.
Managing enquiries with stages
Some reasons you using boxes and stages
Keep Everyone Organized - Clearly separating enquiries into stages makes it easy to stay on top of where everything stands.
Save Time - Guiding enquiries stage-by-stage streamlines your process so deals move forward faster.
Transparency for shared roles or jobs - Using boxes and stages helps members of the team easily hop in if they've been of and visually see where each enquiry is and what the next steps are.
Boost Accountability - Making responsibilities clear at each step means enquiries won't fall through the cracks and the right things get done.
Reporting Insights - You will get a simple report that will give you insights into where your process can be improved.

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