Conversations that convert with EnquiryBox 2 Way SMS

Reach Your Customers Where They Are: On Their Phones!

In today's busy, mobile world, most communication happens via messaging.

EnquiryBox understands this, which is why we created a powerful 2-way SMS capability. Now you can have interactive conversations right from within the platform.

Sending SMS notifications to leads as their enquiries progress through your sales funnel keeps your business top of mind. A quick text about a new product launch or request for more information has exponentially higher open rates than email.

Prospects or customers can also SMS you directly on your dedicated number unlocking a powerful new channel to generate more leads.

With EnquiryBox SMS, you can easily:

Send automated messages to thank website visitors who shared their phone number. This builds credibility as a brand that follows through.

Message prospects automatically when an enquiry is made or when it reaches a key stage like a demo or payment. Keep momentum moving to closure.

Engage customers by text for quick questions, RSVPs to events, and confirming purchases or deliveries. Convenience drives satisfaction.

Have back-and-forth SMS conversations without switching apps. Responses are logged cleanly to each inquiry for full visibility.

By meeting customers on their channel of choice - their mobile device - you'll see more sales. EnquiryBox levels up your communications so you can capture more leads and close more deals through the power of two-way SMS.

Give it a try and watch your business communication game and results reach the next level.
Our time saving automations
Below are the list of automations that are going save you time
When a new enquiry comes in from any channel, send an automated reply to them via SMS, Email, Facebook Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp.
Automatically assign the enquiry to the right person and put it in the right box so that they can follow up seamlessly.
Automate message to prospective customers based on the stage there in. Setup delay timer rules to make these messages feel more natural.
When an enquiry is moved to a specific stage in your workflow, automatically send messages, wait for a while and move it to another stage or box.
Setup tasks for yourself or the team to do something related an enquiry in a specific stage.

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