The numbers you've always wanted

Over the years, we've tried out many different tools and softwares to help us manage our own customer interactions, track our progress, and understand our performance in marketing, sales, and customer communication.

But honestly, it often felt like a wild goose chase to find the basic numbers we needed.

You know, those straightforward figures that would show you how well you are doing. Well, after dealing with all that frustration, we decided to take matters into our own hands.

We created some user-friendly reports in Enquirybox that break things down simply. We focused on the important stuff:

Enquiries: How many people are getting in touch.
Conversions: How many of those enquiries turn into actual sales.
Sales Value: How much those sales are actually worth.
Sources: Where these enquiries are coming from.
Response Speed: How quickly our team is getting back to these enquiries.

So, no more headache-inducing software! Just clear numbers that help you see the bigger picture without getting lost in the technical jargon!
EnquiryBox Reports
Below is a list of all the EnquiryBox reports. All of these reports are available on all boxes level and individual box level to give you further drilldowns.
Total number of enquiries received
Conversion report of how many enquires were converted to sales
Marketing report of where your enquiries came from (paid or unpaid sources)
Channel report showing you what channel your enquiries came from
Sales report showing total number of sales and their value
Performance report showing average response time as a business and per team member including the sales each team member has made

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